Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Final days in Italy

It has been a wonderful 2 weeks; sometimes colder than we would like, sometimes I was sicker than I let on - my cold never left for the last 7 days, more rain than we would like, but what an educational experience for me and our students.  My last post indicated we were off to Florence for the last day before our 3:00 am wake up to get to Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome.  Here are pics which sum up our last days in at Casa Cares and in Florence:

What a great lunch!

Dr. Tyson, Sierra and Julia atop of the Duomo overlooking Florence

Dr Chiconi at the mental health center

Dr. Michele presenting her session on "What I've Learned as a Professional From This Experience" On a side note, Dr. Michele, Asha and I are writing an article to be submitted to the CSI journal!

Indoor market in Florence - literally everything you need for any meal

Last minute shopping in the outdoor market

Taking the UAB group out to dinner on our last night in Florence

The UAB group on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Are you kidding me? A discovery in Florence

Kristen, Pres-elect of Zeta Chapter, leading a discussion of officers/members of other CSI chapters

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  1. I have enjoyed reading the blogs again this year! Each year, as I read about the different places, I am transported back to the experiences of the first year when I went and cannot wait to return to Casa Cares and Italy again! Thanks for sharing!